How do I rename the Enterprise Server?

Note: When renaming your Enterprise Server be sure there are no spaces in the name.

Step 1: On the computer where the Enterprise Server is running go to the Start Menu/All Programs/ Select the icon to open it. 


Step 2: Once the browser opens with running highlight the field "Private Network Name" and then RENAME it. The click Save.


In the above picture the old Server is named "ITmanager.net_Enterprise_Server". That name will be renamed to "ITMAN_ENT_SERV". 

Step 3: Go back to your Services/Connection configurations and in the last field "Private Network" from the drop down list choose the updated named server. You will have to do this for each of your Services/Connections.



Note: In the web app to remove the old/off-line connector click on the "Trash Bin". For more detailed instructions click on the below link.


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